Material Classification

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Type Grade Features Application Area Property of Matter MSDS UL Source ROHS
ENG ENG Registration Class
PC Unreinforced SR1000 General Purpose Electronics, built-in automotive parts V-2
SR1003 Military shield   HB  
SR1300 Green vacuum parts V-2
SR1000U Weatherproof Mobile phone, automotive bezel   HB
SR1000EF Frame Retardant Green resin (made of 20% recyclable materials)   V-0  
SR1000F Monitor parts   V-0
SR1000FT TCO   V-0
SR1090F Frame Retardant Mobile Phone Back Light Frame   V-0
SR1100F Monitor parts V-0
SR1200F Back Light Frame   V-0
SR1200FT TCO TCO   V-0
SR1400F Frame Retardant N/B Battery(1/32" V-0)   V-0  
SR1000TC Electrical Conductivity EGI material alternative       HB  
Non-flammable SR2100 General Purpose TV Stand Body Top     HB
SR2200 IT/OA, E&E Housing     HB  
SR2300     HB
GF Reinforcement SR2100F Frame Retardant Back Light Frame V-0
SR2100FT TCO   V-0  
SR2150F Frame Retardant   V-0  
SR2200F Frame Retardant Back Light Frame   V-0
SR2300F Frame Retardant Thermometer frame   V-0  
SR2100F(AS) Electrification TV Dummy Bracket(AS)   V-0  
Optical Diffusion SR1000D General Purpose Lighting cover     HB  
SR1000DF Frame Retardant     V-0  
HTPC Unreinforced SHT1000 General Purpose Fog Lamp Housing       HB  
SHT1001 Rear Lamp Housing       HB  
SHT1002       HB  
SHT1003       HB  
PPC Unreinforced SPC1000 General Purpose Fog Lamp Housing       HB  
SPC1001       HB  
SPC1002       HB  
SPC1003       HB  
PC/ABS Unreinforced SRA1000 General Purpose Glove Box.Center Facia   HB
SRA1000F Frame Retardant TV Case Top V-0
GF Reinforcement SRA1100F Electronic Cover V-0  
SRA1150F Automotive Parts V-0
SRA1200F V-0  
PBT Unreinforced SRB2000 General Purpose LED parts / bezel     HB  
MF/GF SRB2100 I/T OA, E&E Automotive     HB  
SRB2200     HB  
SRB2300 Meter seal cover     HB  
SRB2150F Frame Retardant LED parts     V-0  
SRB2300F Plug Jig     V-0  
PC/PBT Unreinforced SRT2000 General Purpose Door Handle/Window Brush     HB  
Unreinforced SRT2300 Garnish exterior     HB  
SRT2300F Frame Retardant Door Ratch     V-0  
PC/PET Unreinforced SRE1000F Frame Retardant I/T OA, E&E Automotive       V-0  
PET GF/MF SRE1350 General Purpose Rice cooker working coil base       V-0  
Unreinforced SRM8000 General Purpose TV Stand Base       HB  
ABS General Purpose SR01 General Purpose Household appliances, office equipment, sundries     HB  
SR02 High Flow     HB  
SR03 High Impact     HB  
Heat Resistance SR10 Medium Heat Resistant Automotive parts radiator grills     HB  
SR11 Heat Resistant     HB  
SR12 Heat Resistant     HB  
SR13 Extreme Heat Resistant     HB  
GF Reinforcement SR2100F Frame Retardant Meter cases, various gauges     V-0  
SR2200 General Purpose ATM parts     HB  
PP Unreinforced SRP1000 General Purpose Vacuum cleaner base     HB  
GF Reinforcement SRP2100 Household appliances, A/C fans   HB  
SRP2200 H/Lamp Housing용 Bracket   HB  
SRP2300 Vacuum cleaner base   HB  
MF Reinforcement SRP3100 Automotive parts, radiator grills   HB  
SRP3200 Vacuum cleaner base   HB  
SRP3300   HB
SRP3400   HB  
PA PA6 SR6000 General Purpose General Purpose, Clip     HB  
SR6100     HB  
SR6200 Automotive Parts     HB  
PA66 SR6600 Buckles, Chair Nob     HB  
PPA SR6500 GF Reinforcement Tablet PC B/Light Frame       HB  
K/SAN Unreinforced SRK9500 Transparency Drum washing machine cover     HB